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High Substance Use Rates – With some of the highest substance use rates in the country, all New Hampshire businesses are bearing the cost of substance abuse. PolEcon Research (2012) estimates that the NH economy lost $756.5 million dollars in 2011 due to decreased worker productivity as a result of alcohol abuse alone.

Substance Free Workplace can prevent financial losses by addressing key areas affected by substance abuse.

Low Productivity – According to the NIDA, substance abusers are 3 times more likely to be late for work, 2.2 times more likely to request early dismissal or time off, 2.5 times more likely to have absences of 8 days or more. When they do make it to work, the quality of their work is poor. 14% of workers report having to re-do work done incorrectly by a substance abusing employee within the last year (SAMSHA).

High Turnover- Turnover is one of a business’s biggest expenses. Substance abusers are twice as likely to have had 3 or more employers in the past year (SAMSHA). In addition, substance free employees will not stay at a business that is struggling with substance abuse issues. A Substance Free Workplace attracts and retains the best possible employees.

Increased premiums – The effects of employing substance abusers can raise the rates on variety of premiums: worker’s compensation premiums, health insurance premiums, vehicle/fleet insurance premiums, business liability insurance premiums. In fact, a substance abusing employee is 5 times more likely to file a worker’s comp claim (NIDA) than a non-abusing coworker.

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