Policy and Procedure Development

The foundation of any Substance Free Workplace is clear policies and procedures. These documents set expectations, establish a culture and guide decision making.

Substance Free Workplace Policy

  • Individualized – We work closely with each business to carefully construct an individualized Substance Free Workplace Policy. This policy will focus on attaining that business’s goals in a practical and cost-effective manner that is easy to implement. We guide our businesses towards best practices without losing sight of their individual needs, strengths and constraints.
  • User Friendly – We view each policy as a working document and a valuable tool. We utilize language, techniques and a level of detail that enable all members of the workplace to understand and apply the policy. Each policy allows a seamless transition from paper to practice.
  • Employee Centered – Our client businesses value the health and safety of their employees; we keep that value front and center in their policies. Instead of alienating employees with a list of “don’ts,” our policies educate employees on what they can expect from their workplace.

Substance Free Workplace Procedures We provide written, detailed, step by step procedures for implementing the more demanding aspects of the policy (typically the drug testing). They have all the information needed to easily navigate what can be sticky or stressful situations. These procedures greatly reduce the burden placed on HR and allow for uniform application of policies (uniform across shifts and supervisors).

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