New Hampshire Drug Drop Box Locations

This map of New Hampshire indicates locations where individuals can safely dispose of unwanted medications.

New Year’s Policy Review

Use this tool to evaluate your current policy using the guidelines outlined in this blog post.

Substance Use in the Workplace: The Big Picture

Use this tool to help your employees see the large scale impacts substance use has on the workplace.

Quick Policy Repair: Removing Perceived Gray Areas

Use this tool to address ambiguities in your workplace policies.

Rewarding Initiative

Use this tool to recognize supervisor initiative that supports a substance free workplace.

Tool Package: Does your workplace culture foster a “head in the sand” approach to substance abuse?

Tool package that corresponds to the “head in the sand” blog post.

Template for an Employee Resource Guide

Use this tool to create a resource guide for employees who are facing issues surrounding substance abuse (their own, a family member’s, or a coworker’s).

Directory of Substance Misuse Treatment Providers

This directory provides information on substance misuse treatment providers in NH and ME.

NIDA guide to Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Use this guide to determine which prescriptions are most likely to be abused.

Prescription Drug Diversion Protection for Home Healthcare Providers

Use this tool to create a handout for your clients. It will protect them from drug diversion and it will protect your business and employees from accusations of prescription drug theft.

Prevent Prescription Drug Theft – Family Member

Distribute this tool to families of individuals who are receiving home care services. They can use the guidelines to protect their loved one’s medications.

What do you mean he passed the drug test?!

This tool provides possible explanations for why a clearly impaired employee received a negative drug screen result.

15 Questions Every Supervisor Should Be Able to Answer

Use this tool to ensure that all supervisors are able to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a substance free workplace program.