With the highest rates of drug and alcohol use, construction companies carry the burden of the high costs of substance abuse and a severely damaged reputation. Let Substance Free Workplace help you eliminate those costs while establishing your company as a substance free leader in the community.

Secure more contracts – Reducing the overhead lost to substance abuse will allow you to submit highly competitive bids. In addition, people want to work with a company who provides a quality workforce. They do not want to worry about accidents, thefts, injuries or illegal activities on their property. You can give them that assurance by promoting your Substance Free Workplace.

Close the revolving door You pay your workers great wages, make that investment pay off by hiring selectively and retaining the employees you have. 46% of workers report that they would be more likely to work for an employer who conducts pre-employment drug testing (SAMHSA). We will make sure that workers in your community know that you offer a Substance Free Workplace.

Empower your supervisors – Your supervisors see the problems substance abuse causes at the worksite. Give them the support, systems, and tools necessary to address substance abuse. The policies, procedures, and trainings of a Substance Free Workplace will allow them to take effective action.

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