Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing

On-site Drug Testing | Substance FREE WorkplaceOnsite drug and alcohol testing will provide the most accurate results with the lowest impact to your workplace operations.

Efficiency – Each employee drug test takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Employees won’t waste time driving to a clinic, waiting at a clinic, and driving back from a clinic. The interruption to the work day is negligible. After all, the goal of a drug testing program is to increase productivity, not impede it.

Accuracy – Testing done onsite uses the exact same tests and laboratories as testing done at a clinic. However, onsite tests are much more accurate because they deny the employee the opportunity to cheat the test. Imagine all the things your employee could do on the way to the clinic: buy clean pee, purchase an adulterant, send a friend in with their ID, etc. Onsite drug tests can be truly random, providing truly accurate results.

Selection – We have a wide selection of drug and alcohol testing available:

  • Instant urine tests: 5-12 panel, lab confirmation of preliminary positives
  • Lab based urine tests: 5-12 panel
  • Hair tests: 5-12 panel
  • Expanded opiate testing including prescription opiates
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Federal/DOT collections
  • MRO review
  • Custom testing

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