Jessica Placy BA, MAT Owner, President

Prior to establishing Substance Free Workplace, Jessica spent over three years as the owner/operator of Mobile Drug Testing in Newmarket, NH. She found many businesses struggling to implement effective substance free workplace policies. In her role as the lead policy and procedure developer for Substance Free Workplace, she helps businesses create policies and procedures that are successful both practically and ethically. Additionally, she has an extensive background in education which allows her to create clear and compelling trainings. Jessica also spent six years as a program director at Circus Smirkus. During this time, her leadership strengths included building an intentional culture and goal oriented team development. At Substance Free Workplace, she is able to help businesses establish the multilevel commitment that is crucial for program success.


Chris Placy, Executive Vice President

Chris enjoys working closely with businesses to implement their drug and alcohol policies, procedures, and educational presentations. He is our lead trainer and brings a wealth of additional knowledge to all of his trainings. He also manages the drug testing programs. In addition to his work with businesses, he offers parental education programs to the community. Before founding Substance Free Workplace, Chris spent 9 years as a school drug and alcohol counselor.  He remains passionate about drug and alcohol prevention, serving on multiple local and state prevention boards, commissions, and task forces; including the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Treatment and Recovery.



Kimberly R. Argrew, Owner Onsite Drug Testing of New England, LLC – Partner and Consultant

Kimberly Argrew (Reid) has 18 years of experience in the drug testing industry.  She is celebrating 15 years in business owning and operating Onsite Drug Testing of New England, LLC located in Concord NH.  Kimberly, an active member of DATIA, (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association) encourages substance free environments for all working industries as well as at home.  She manages drug and alcohol testing programs nationwide for over 10,000 employees and students as well as the state of NH department of children, youth and families, child protection services and juvenile justice programs.