Your client’s health is your number one goal. Our Substance Free Workplace programs will help you achieve that goal.

Protecting Client Safety – In an environment where small errors can have big consequences, it is important to ensure that all health care providers are operating at peak capacity. A Substance Free Workplace program will ensure that your providers are free from impairment due to drugs and alcohol. Your client’s safety depends on it.

Leading by Example – A Substance Free Workplace program will demonstrate your commitment to health and wellness. Building wellness requires more than just providing care; it requires fostering a culture of wellness. That culture of wellness starts with your staff. Support their health and wellness through a compassionate, preventative Substance Free Workplace program.

Eliminating Distractions – How many roadblocks stand between you and your business’s goals? A Substance Free Workplace program will address the following distractions:

  • Worrying about and protecting against drug diversion
  • Scheduling nightmares resulting from employee absences, tardiness, early departure
  • Time and money spend on hiring and training due to high employee turnover

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